Our candles have been selectively chosen for their distinctive scents and produced lovingly to find a destination in your home. The names are chosen in Spanish in keeping with our origins in Columbia, because I remember these smells vividly from growing up in that beautiful and rich countryside.

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Amor comes from the scent of Apple Crumble, grown in orchids at the foot of the majestic Karakorum mountains. It brings a refreshing smile to your face as you soak in the atmosphere it creates through love, which is the feeling, the emotion and the state in which we find ourselves as the fountainhead of life itself; without it, there is no joy in life.

Felicidad comes from the Wild White found in flowers that refuse to be infused with anything except the purity of the original colour from which all directions lead. It brings joy to our hearts and being and the purity of its scent is so refreshing that it banishes away anything other than the welcoming feeling of calm that accompanies joy.

Gratitud owes its origin from the leaves and root of the Bergamot tea, grown in rainy conditions in the gently sloping foothills of tea plantations. Life is an unbounded gift to explore, and with gratitude, we give homage and consideration to the gift of life, for the strength of being alive and to experience that life and enjoy and embrace the simple things we see.

Serenidad is the Ritzy Rose, the majesty and yet simplicity of this most elegant of flowers. The rose is synonymous in legend with the tranquillity of majesty as well as the peace it brings through seeing it in the hair of those we love. The emotion of serenity is perhaps the most calming that are within our experience to enjoy because to have it is to have the peace and balance that gives meaning to life.

Fe comes from the magical east, the land of myths and legends, the place of imagining the impossible as a reality. Derived from Esfahan Oud, it invokes the faith which is best found in a mental and emotional state of balance, from where we can imagine the best which is yet to come and give flight to what we really want to achieve. We all have what it takes to soar but only faith leads us to achieve flight and stay there.

Inspiracion came from combining the unique smells found in tobacco and vanilla; intoxicating yet practical, promoting passion but being anchored in calm. Without inspiration, there can be no beginning, and what can take life if it doesn’t have a soul? It is the muse of every aspiring creative person, and it makes every one of us creative because all of us have talents, it is the inspiration that makes us unique.

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Amor, Felicidad, Gratitud, Serenidad, Fe, Insparacion