Monthly Flower Subscription Service

Monthly Flower Subscription
Flowers Subscription Service
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Treat yourself or a loved one to the surprise of fresh flowers regularly delivered to the doorstep. Our carefully curated selection of blooms is the very best the season has to offer and which are now available as a weekly subscription service. Infuse your space with the fragrance and charm of fresh flowers regularly with our flower subscription service. What makes our flower subscription service so special? Well, it allows you to always have that feeling of a fresh bouquet to liven up your space, no matter the season. Or, if they’re not for you, they mean you are guaranteed to make that special someone feel like the centrepiece in their own story every time a personalised bouquet is sent their way.

Handpick the choicest blooms available each week yourself, using our personalisation tools and arrange a striking mixed bouquet or enjoy their uniqueness if the blooms are particularly stunning on their own. The best part of the flower subscription is the personalisation of the message each bouquet is meant to convey, even if it’s to show off the individual beauty of each flower that stands on its own, or the flowers that work best when complemented with other standout blooms.

The intimate connection with flowers from their growth to their placement in stunning bouquets is the image we weave at FloralMarcela. Ensuring that each creation narrates a story of nature’s beauty and our passion, we pride ourselves in using the freshest flowers that speak directly to the season, while keeping our design consistent to a classic aesthetic with a contemporary twist. Our products inspire harmony and love and fill your life with smiles and peace.  

Our monthly flower subscription means each week you set the mood for your room with the convenience of picking the blooms yourself online and having them hand delivered to your doorstep every Wednesday afternoon; one week you may want something striking, another week you may want romance, and the week after that you may just wish to complement the colours and vibe of the space you want to decorate. The only constant is the flower subscription, its convenience, and the freedom of choice you get knowing no matter what you pick it’ll be the best quality with a personal touch.

Each week’s floral selection, hand delivered on Wednesday afternoon, will be unique keeping the recipient pleasantly surprised with each delivery. It isn’t “just” a flower subscription. It’s an expression of joy, or love, platonic or romantic, geared for self-help or just interior design; it can also be gratitude, well-wishes, congratulations or commiserations – these are your flowers and we are the service that handpicks the best message you’re wishing to send. When you sign up to our flower subscription, you’re gifting yourself, or a friend or partner, or even the space they will occupy, the gift of the essence of nature itself and the beauty it holds to the individual.

From parrot tulips to peonies to dahlias, enjoy the highlights of every season and find reason to celebrate the beauty of nature. 

Your first delivery will be accompanied by a complimentary vase.

Each delivery of blooms will come with a care card with tips on how to lovingly treat the flowers and have them flourish in your home.

The process is simple, pick your own personalised schedule, or choose our newest option, to received beautiful blooms indefinitely.

After you choose which option you would like, your card will be charged weekly for your subscription + delivery one week prior to the delivery date.

Subscription: 6 Month / 12 Month

Flower Subscription