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At FloralMarcela , we believe in the enchanting power of flowers to transcend boundaries and evoke emotions. With a rich heritage rooted in Colombia, where generations of my family have lovingly cultivated flowers, we bring a profound understanding of nature’s beauty to every bouquet we create. Our commitment to the art of floral design is reflected in every petal, stem, and arrangement we craft. If you’re planning your dream wedding, let us be your trusted wedding florist. Our bespoke floral designs and heritage drawn from Colombia means your arrangement will be the result of a personalised service backdropped with expertise in flowers and their meanings. We work with you to reflect your style and vision to entwine that into your special occasion, which will be guaranteed to leave yourself and your guests spellbound.

But we don’t stop there! Our intention is to address the spirit of your home, work or entertaining environment with flowers and holistic accessories like our bespoke candles, our access to hidden gems like Altearah whose unique fragrances change your approach to the day, our crystals and our capability to bring it all together with a style that is unmatched through off-the-shelf solutions. We encourage a subscriptions based approach with our clients whom we treat as extended family, being a London florist we value community, and getting to know what will address your needs and moods holistically. You see, we’re not just any florist, and we’re not just a wedding florist; our arrangements are more than just flowers. We’re your partners in creating unforgettable moments captured between the stems of our flowers. We’re confident that our passion shines through in every bouquet, centrepiece and floral installation we create. What we want more than anything else is to dress your events and occasions; from the intimacy of a small dinner at home all the way to the joy of your wedding! Call us and experience our event management capabilities first hand. We add a visual and sensual aspect to the occasion that will leave your guests with the sense of presence you seek to leave their memories with long after they depart.

Looking for Elegance?

We’re a London florist that understands how tradition and modernity meets to create that unique feel that defines this vibrant city. Our style is rooted in sophistication, whether you want to bring that into an intimate gathering in the heart of London, or you’re planning a lavish wedding in a historic venue, our floral arrangements will always add a little extra opulence to the occasion. With our meticulous attention to detail and a flair for design, our team of experienced florists will bring your vision to life, ensuring each petal is arranged with style and grace.

A legacy of floral expertise

As a professional florist with extensive training, I am proud to carry forward the traditions and techniques that have been honed over decades. My family legacy intertwines seamlessly with my dedication to floral artistry, resulting in creations that are not merely arrangements, but expressions of heart and soul. Flowers have the power to uplift, inspire and transform any space, so let us bring the beauty of nature into your life with our exquisite flowers and client focused services. The intimate connection we have with flowers from their growth to their placement in stunning bouquets ensures that each creation narrates a story of nature’s beauty and our passion.

Seamlessly Order Flowers Online

Convenience is key, that’s why we offer flowers online, allowing you to browse and purchase our gorgeous creations with just a few clicks. Extremely handy when planning a big event and you’re spinning lots of plates! Ordering our flowers online makes it easy to spread joy and beauty wherever you go, on the go.

Girls Orphanages In Columbia

Working together to change the world one step at a time

At FloralMarcela, we promote products that inspire harmony, creativity and love and fill your life with smiles and peace. But we cannot help but be affected by all the turbulence in the world today.  Our TV screens and social media are full of conflict, discord and unhappiness. All of us must work together to return the world to sanity and to promote the values that mark us out as human beings: understanding, helping each other and alleviating suffering. Each of us in our own way have the means and resources to do something to help make the world a better place. At FloralMarcela, we have decided that 5% of all our proceeds as revenue will go towards supporting girls orphanages in Columbia. Our intention over time, with the support of our beloved growing community of shoppers is to be able to adopt individual girls in the orphanages and help them achieve their potential. We will also create avenues to allow our customers and community to directly adopt girls in the orphanages directly as well and stay upto date with their progress on a regular basis. Lets change the world, one step one bouquet of flowers at a time. We will post regular updates in our journal of our interactions with the orphanage.

Enhance your flowers with additional products to create a holistic and harmonious emotional experience.

FloralMarcela is not just an online flower shop; it is the door to your own self-discovery to find the scents, colours and designs that bring joy to your home. My family legacy intertwines seamlessly with my dedication to floral artistry, resulting in creations and accessories that are not merely arrangements of flowers, but expressions of heart and soul.

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