FloralMarcela has a lovely mix of products we are selling on a platform of spirituality, wellness, passion, self-healing, and self-love. FloralMarcela combines beauty, wellness, and a touch of spirituality, appealing to a diverse audience seeking conscious and mindful living. Towards ensuring this, we have partnered with Altearah, a world-renowned and established over 30 years French manufacturer of organic products to bring their unique scents based on flowers to the UK for the first time. Altearah uses primarily certified organic ingredients and essential oils in their products, making them a good choice for people with sensitive skin or those who prefer natural cosmetics. It has a unique color-coded system, and each of Altearah’s 14 ranges of essential oils is associated with a specific colour and chakra, allowing the customer to choose products based on their desired emotional or physical benefits. Like us, Altearah is committed to sustainable practices, using recycled packaging, and sourcing their ingredients ethically.

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Emotive Cosmetics for over 20 years.

Founded in 2000 and located in the heart of the Camargue in the South of France, Altearah Bio designs and manufactures skincare and well-being products made from 100% natural and organic essential oils.

With holistic origins and a range of aromatherapy products such as the Parfums de Soin, Altearah opened up to the natural cosmetics and wellness market in 2005 under the leadership of its president, Shahida Siddique. Over the past two decades, Altearah has grown and developed by offering cosmetic products around a unique concept: One Colour, One Emotion.

Product Benefits

A true olfactive journey, breathe the Parfum de Soin to anchor yourself towards a colour and emotion of your choosing. Composed of wheat alcohol and organic essential oils, the Parfums de Soin are available in this Box in 14 colours, emotions and synergies of essential oils to accompany you on a daily basis for emotional well-being.

How to use our Product

Olfactive Ritual: Spray 2 to 3 times in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together until they are dry, place them in front of your face, and breathe deeply 3 times with your eyes closed. Repeat this ritual

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In the Package

Box of 5 Parfums de Soin 5 ml, Box of 14 Parfums de Soin 5 ml, Box of 14 Parfums de Soin 30 ml