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FloralMarcela brings bespoke bouquets online across London through our expert event management services. Matched to your personal preferences in colours, emotions, size, and vitality from across nature’s offerings, we bring direct to your home or office a hand-crafted floral masterpiece tailored to individual desires, complemented by handcrafted candles, bespoke perfumes, and thoughtfully selected healing stones, all at prices designed to bring a smile to your face. FloralMarcela is a haven of exquisite bespoke bouquets for discerning clientele in the heart of London. Highlight the highlights of life with our stunning flower installations and arrangements for events spanning the corporate events, the weddings, or other special celebrations that are worth enhancing with our best hand-picked blooms.



The intimate connection with flowers from their growth to their placement in stunning bouquets is the image we weave at FloralMarcela. Ensuring that each creation narrates a story of nature’s beauty and our passion, we pride ourselves in using the freshest flowers that speak directly to the season, while keeping our design consistent to a classic aesthetic with a contemporary twist. Our products inspire harmony and love and fill your life with smiles and peace.

Our expertise in event flower installations means we can take any venue and turn it into a breathtaking arena of importance, romance or elegance that the event is calling for. Do you need a grand floral arch? Does your event need an intricate ceiling installation for that extra touch of wonder? Our flower installations add elegance and sophistication to any event, catered completely to complement the theme and ambience of your occasion, creating a lasting impression on all of your guests.

We also offer exquisite flower arrangements that further complement the theme of the event you’re creating. To do this, our florists work closely with you to map out custom arrangements that add an extra level of class and sophistication that also reflect your personal taste and style. Nothing is garish or tacky, as our flower arrangements are made to perfectly complement your event decor.

As an established design house with long standing relationships, our bespoke services communicate to the personal taste and vision of each of our clients. Equal parts quality and integrity, we pride ourselves in using the freshest flowers that speak directly to the season, while keeping our design consistent to FloralMarcela classic aesthetic with a contemporary twist.

Event Flower Installations
Event Flower Arrangements London
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Event Flower Arrangements

Celebrates International Women’s Day

As a female driven business we know that woman bring a level of creativity, passion and compassion that makes the world a wider place.

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Event Floral Arrangements

FloralMarcela is an online flower boutique now blooming in the heart of London. But do visit our pop-ups as well, which are in key spots around London, such as during Valentine week in Peter Jones. At FloralMarcela, we weave dreams into bouquets in a thriving metropolis that never stops. Our event management capability is also established as we highlight exquisite artisanal bouquets and curated floral arrangements crafted with locally sourced, seasonal blooms. Our commitment to ethical sourcing, local partnerships, and unparalleled service sets us apart, transforming gift-giving into an art form.

A brunch event for a great cause at The Royal Air Force club. A 100 posies that were then gifted their beautiful arrangement with the elegant poppy symbol of remembrance.

Two women who served in the British  armed forces during the Second World War have been honoured at an event ahead of International Women’s Day.

Marie Scott, 96, and Mildred Schutz, 99, were guests of honour at the Royal Air Force Club in piccadilly central London  for the event organised by the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.

Mrs Scott transmitted messages to and from French  beaches during the D-Day landings in 1944, and Mrs Schutz served with the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in Italy.

We created a sweeping table scape using antique books, a dramatic palette of merlot colored flowers and burnished gold candle holders to fulfill the client’s vision of a magical experience. 


We never need an excuse to express appreciation for our colleagues and the special people in our lives. This time of year presents a special opportunity.

Flowers brighten up any space, but especially a work area. This year we have an especially beautiful selection of spring floral arrangements as well as mini orchids that will let your colleagues know that you are grateful for them.

FloralMarcela recently dressed up an intimate Diwali event. Similarly, light up your home and festivities with our floral creations. Whether it is Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Thanksgiving or just a fun and intimate party with friends, FloralMarcela can bring your occasion to life. Our zest for the occasion brings light and purpose into your theme and we work with the hosts or event planners to give a special meaning to the emotion you want to express. Life is about emotion and feeling and at FloralMarcela, we focus on those feelings that you want to share, whichever day it is that you want to celebrate in these difficult times.

Our aim is to help you punctuate those events in life with a little extra decadence, whether it’s an intimate affair or something more lavish already glittering in gold, here at FloralMarcela no event is undeserving of the beauty of our flower installations and arrangements. That’s why we have such a commitment to detail and excellence to ensure every aspect of your event is as perfect as it needs to be, so when you’re making unforgettable memories you’re also adding a little extra beauty into the world.

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